Fine Blanking
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FERRARI & CARENA founded in may 1950 by Giuseppe Ferrari end Antonio Carena; there goal, to satisfy the requirements of the companies located in and around Turin who required large mechanical components, such as spare parts for machine tools, presses or other forms of mechanical equipment, as well as any other parts which were difficult to obtain on the market...
bertorello Fine Blanking
Having a large fleet of vehicles is able to perform machining of large, up to 3300 mm in diameter for the department and turning up to 15,000 mm in the milling...
Our extensive experience in mechanical construction has lead us towards the design and development of FineBlanking presses. At the heart of this system lies a highly refined and
specialised technology, as the result of every pressing is...
Fine Blanking reproduction
The reproduction process of a mechanical part, is the distinctive feature that caracterize FERRARI & CARENA. We actually reproduce spare parts, not available in the market frequently, in order to reduce the down time, guarantee a high quality product, in a very short time...
Fine Blanking Machining
Eccentric Shafts (for mechanical presses) Pulleys and Fflanges Mechanical Shafts Pulleys Brasses (fastening with liquid nitrogen) Rolls (with external rubber surfacing if required) Gears and Cog-Wheels Connecting Rod Support plate for...
Fine Blanking servoce and maintenance
We guarantee and certify our production quality using the best measurement and check unit available in the market. SERVICES We are using progressed technology for 3D scanning.
A portable measuring arms make measuring complex objects...

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