About Us

FERRARI & CARENA was founded in may 1950 by Giuseppe Ferrari end Antonio Carena to meet the requests of the companies located in and around Turin who required large mechanical components, such as spare parts for machine tools, presses or other forms of mechanical equipment, as well as any other parts which were difficult to obtain on the market.
It has always aimed to ensure the construction of mechanical spare parts, especially for presses, in the shortest possibile time, so as to minimize the user's losses and speed up delivery times, whilst simultaneously keeping quality its top priority.

Activity & Specialization

Today, FERRARI & CARENA boast 70 years of exsperience and, with the help of the best, most up-to-date tecnology available on the market and highly qualified engineers and technicians, the agency specialized in the riproduction-througth drawings and sample-of several parts designed for various applications within numerous fieldsin the mechanical industry. It produces small medium and large parts, delivered from bars, metal casting, forged end printed material.

Furthermore, thanks to its close cooperation with several companies, it can guarantee a HIGH-quality product ,in very short delivery time, at competitive cost.

Our defining quality end strength is the versatility and flexibility with which we manifacture and restore/revamp all manner of mechanical parts. Our qualified staff includes experienced engineers who can offer councelling and advice to the client, as well as satisfy any requirements for specialized spare parts. We can also offer prompt assistence to solve problems quickly and efficiently, as we possess a wide stele tino of spare parts in warehouse.