IndustrY 4.0

FERRARI & CARENA is pleased to present the advantages of Industry 4.0 thanks to the interconnection system


Our company offers a technical solution of interconnection called Quick Connext Box.
That system, combined with the entire 4.0 facilities, allows to recover 40% of the cost of the machinery and the interconnection system as a tax credit. In fact, it makes the system compliant with industry 4.0 regulations, allowing it to comply with all mandatory legal requirements, especially those related to the interconnection of machines with the factory logistics system.

The system can be connected with any machine in the company and with anymanagement system, allowing maximum flexibility of use and adaptability.


Development simple and intuitive solution for machine to machine or machine to ERP connection. 100% Industry 4.0 compliant

  • Input to machine: part programs / parameters
  • Output from machine: data / aggregate data
  • Connection to logist / warehouse system
  • Dashboard for data analys

Normalizer converter PLC / CNC data into standard format.
Quick Connect Box interfaces data through OPC-UA standard (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) and API

  • Simple integration with machines and installations
  • interaction with the management and logistics systems of the factory