Products by metallic lathing

  • Eccentric Shafts (for mechanical presses)
  • Pulleys and Flanges
  • Mechanical Shafts
  • Brasses (fastening with liquid nitrogen)
  • Rolls (with external rubber surfacing if required)
  • Gears and Cog-Wheels
  • Connecting Rod
  • Support plate for friction material and flywheels for presses
  • Aero-space industry parts
  • Spherical and half- spherical valves
  • Remake of Chromium plating and restoring of weared surfaces

Products by milling

  • Die holder plates and sled supports for Fineblanking hydraulic presses
  • Manufacture of hydraulic presses structure
  • Manufacture of mechanical presses equipments (Feeding lines, Scrap Cutting Machines)

Fitting and restore of cylinders and pistons for hydraulic presses

In order to reduce costs and maintenance time, we adjust the old-technology hydraulic presses, using and install new technology on them. We can also determine, in case of old and used presses, if any spare parts has to be replaced completely or just restore it in a partial way.