Testing & Quality

Quality control is maintained by our staff of specialised technicians, who utilise one the best certified measuring instruments available on the market today: the portable CAM2 Platinum measuring arm, issued by FARO for all measuring and certifying operations.
To verify whether or not a particular part fits within the required tolerances and dimensions, we use the FaroArm device which, thanks to its high tolerance and extreme accuracy, allows us to check and certify the quality of each components, no matter how complex.The transportable nature of the device also lets us save valuable time measuring a component whilst it still a part of the machine tool, which thus requires no dismantling for transportation to the measuring lab.

To align the press, it is possible to simply attach the measuring arm directly onto the press itself. This way one may, for example, execute the alignment of the upper part compared to the lower, or check the support and flow platforms’ geometricity.