Fine Blanking Presses

We present our latest creation:

1000 Ton. Press

"Nature is a self-made machine, more perfectly automated than any automated machine. To create something in the image of nature is to create a machine, and it was by learning the inner working of nature that man became a builder of machines." Eric Hoffer

Behind every fine blanking press designed and produced by us there is a refined high precision technology and our unbeatable knowledge of the sector.
Machines that offer both great power and great precision, for constantly perfect results in terms of dimensions, without any need for further mechanical processing.
Our wrapping is produced and customized according to customer preferences.

400 Ton. Press


630 Ton. Press


700 Ton. Press

800 Ton. Press

1600 Ton. Press


HFC8000KN Press

HFC14000KN Press