Thanks to our great structure we are able to lathe big parts, up to Ø 3300 mm and milling up to 15.000 mm in length.



Mobile Bridgeport Gantry Type Milling Machine ZAYER mod. GMC 14000 AR
axis stroke 15000x4800x2100 [mm]
CNC Heidenhain TNC-530




Big Mobile Bridgeport




Machining Center FAMUP mod. MCX-450 - axis stroke 450x300x400 [mm] - CNC Fanuc, equipped with continuos turn division on fourth axis and helical interpolation


Mobile Bridgeport Milling Machine ZAYER mod. KP-6000 - axis stroke 6000x3550x1100 [mm] - CNC Selca


Mobile Bridgeport Milling Machine ZAYER mod. KP-5000 - axis stroke 5000x2000x1600 [mm] - CNC Heidenhain TNC-426


N° 2 Moving Column Type Milling Machine MAUT - axis stroke 8000 x 1000 x 2000 [mm] - CNC Heidenhain


Machining Center BRIDGEPORT mod. YMC-800/22 - axis stroke 1020x510x500 [mm] - CNC Fanuc - CNC Heidenhain TNC 410


Moving Column Boring Machine JUARISTI 3 - W 800 - axis stroke - 400x1425x2000 [mm] Rotary Table 2000x1600 [mm] - CNC Heidenhain TNC 430


Boring Machine ALESAMONTI mod. MCS-100 - W 600 - axis stroke - 1500x1200x1000 [mm] Rotary Table 1100x1300 [mm] - CNC Heidenhain TNC 430


Vertical Boring Machine OMV - bed type - axis stroke - 300x1000x1000 [mm] - CNC Heidenhain TNC 360


CNC Machining Center - axis stroke 1000x400x400 [mm]


Boring / Milling Machine MECOF mod. CS10 – axis stroke 6300x1950x1000 [mm]


5 Axis Milling Machine - axis stroke 9000x3000x2000 [mm]


Alesatrice BRAGONZI - corse di lavoro 2000x1200x1000 [mm]


Boring Machine SAN ROCCO - axis stroke - 1500x1500x1000 [mm]


Boring Machine LAZZATI – boring spindle diameter 107 [mm]


CNC Lathe tourning end milling maximun swing Ø1600 x 7000 mm





CNC Lathe Machine – maximun swing Ø3300x1800 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø1500 over bed – Ø1100 over carriage - longitudinal axis stroke 3500 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø1360 x 1000 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø1040 over bed – Ø 500 over carriage - longitudinal axis stroke 4000 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø1020 over bed – Ø 700 over carriage - longitudinal axis stroke 4000 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø440 x 2000 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø280 x 2000 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø500 x 3000 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø740 x 4000 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø800 x 10000 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø2400 x 8000 [mm]




Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø3500 x 2100 [mm]


Lathe Machine - maximun swing Ø1700 x 800 [mm]




Slotting machine, axis stroke 500 x Ø2500 [mm]


Drilling Center Machine


N° 3 Welders MIG, TIG and seam welding


Pantograph S.A.F. CNC – axis cut stroke 3000 x 13000 [mm]


Idraulic Folding machine 180 Ton


Mechanical Folding machine 50 Ton




CAD Systems for 2D/3D drawing and CAM System for CNC toolpath machining




Portable measuring armCAM2 Platinum - FARO
for complex measurement and quality certifications